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  1. Syrup The Fox

    How or why did you join the forum?

    I got curious one day. I just remembered that furries do exist and I wondered what they actually are. One thing let to another, and now I have been a furry for about one year and 3 months.
  2. Syrup The Fox

    why are you a furry

    Cute animals, awesome community, LGBTQ+ is accepted, aaaand Telephone
  3. Syrup The Fox

    How much alcohol do you consume?

    I don’t drink... i’m too young
  4. Syrup The Fox

    What is the best way to “come out” as a furry?

    So, I have been thinking about coming out as a furry to my parents. I am a young furry, the closest store where I can get supplies for a fursuit is in like 15 kilometers away and they would be asking why I have so much foam and blah blah blah. So what is the best way to come out as a furry?
  5. Syrup The Fox

    What are some fursona design trends you noticed?

    I have seen many bandanas around the neck. And ngl, the bandanas are kinda cool IMO.
  6. Syrup The Fox

    Any furry art advice?

    So, I am really new to the furry community and would like a fursona. I have made an early version for my fursona but it needs a lot of fixing. But the thing is I suck at art. Does anyone have any advice on how to draw furries or get better at art?
  7. Syrup The Fox

    What was the last furry dream you had?

    So, I have had only one furry dream but it actually wasn't a furry dream if I'm honest but this is it. Btw it's really boring so don't read if you don't like boring things. I was in my school but it was a little different. (A normal dream things.) I was with some dude, I don't even know who he...
  8. Syrup The Fox

    What do you enjoy the most about being a furry?

    The favorite thing about being a furry is the fandom (except the really toxic side) You can get really many friends and even get money from art. Also probably the most favorite thing is the freedom. When you are in a fursuit in public, no one knows who you are. You can bring joy to the city by...
  9. Syrup The Fox

    Favorite Anime(s)

    I don't watch anime that much but I really love Erased and Pokemon.
  10. Syrup The Fox

    am I the only person in the world that hates disney?

    Yeah, Disney now is awful. The first signs of Disney becoming bad is CP shutting down... Then CPI... and they just started to become money hogs. They started to make the remakes and all that stuff. They just want money rn.
  11. Syrup The Fox

    Dubs or subs?

    I like subs. Usually, the dubs are awful and take the "anime" feel out of it. But sometimes the dubs are so hilarious that they just need to be heard and seen.
  12. Syrup The Fox

    Is anyone from Finland?

    (ENGLISH) So, I was wondering that if anyone from here is from Finland? I am from Finland and would be great to meet some other Finns here. (FINNISH) Joten, minä mietin että onko täällä suomalaisia? Olen itse suomesta ja olisi kiva tapailla muitakin täällä.
  13. Syrup The Fox

    What inspired you to join the fandom?

    I had heard of furries for about a year and I didn't care about it. But one day I found a Finnish furry Youtube channel. I became obsessed and just watched his videos more and more. And now here we are. (Btw, If you are curious the channel is called "SaltyWolf" Check him out he is really cool.)