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    How Long Can You Work at a Stretch?

    I have been known to work 12+ hours in a sitting because I am prone to obsessiveness over my work when I get really into it, as well as generally having some amount of difficulty getting into the mood for drawing/painting and knowing it'll be like shit if I'm not really up for it, so when I am...
  2. tacticalsnake

    Views on doing Fur Porn

    First, it's very hard to find clean art which is worth looking at since most people who post it aren't very experienced/skilled and so their images are not the least bit engaging. Porn is very easy to make interesting since it requires action and by its nature relates to the viewer. People...
  3. tacticalsnake

    MFF Badges!

    I'm doing badges in time for MFF: Mail out or pick up. I have absolutely nothing on my plate right now, so I can start these immediately in the order I receive them. :3 The badges are full color, laminated, large format, clip-on badges. They cost $25 (USD) each. Example 1...
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    Really Cheap Art Grab-bags

    I've discovered I have more originals and prints laying around than absolutely necessary, and instead of throwing it all away, I thought I might see if anyone would like to buy the artwork instead. Give it a good home. :3 However, there's too much of it to try to sell things individually, so...
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    Adult Portfolios

    Personally, I'd be all over a guro portfolio, but that'd be just me. Well, not really, but it's not the most popular thing out there. :P I can say with out a doubt that gay porn is VERY popular in the fandom. On the other hand, doing something that popular means you have to compete with...
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    Drawing and shading by hand

    I use both. Although it depends on what I want to do with the image. If it's something simple and not really worth the paper and ink it would take to do, I do it entirely on the computer with a tablet. If it's something I actually care about, then I pull out the pencils, the ink bottles and...
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    Site Grinding to Nearly a Halt, All But Unusable...and Nobody Else Has This Problem?!

    Re: Site Grinding to Nearly a Halt, All But Unusable...and Nobody Else Has This Probl I know two of the servers came up with astrisks in the middle of what looks like load times...? But I don't know what that means. :<
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    Need Help!

    What he's selling is a nice sized (I forget the exact dimensions, but I think this was the one: http://www.wacom.com/intuos/9x12.cfm) Intuos tablet. I figured I should get something nice that will last a little longer and maybe have more useful features. Essssspecially since he's selling his at...
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    Need Help!

    I figured it couldn't hurt to post in here too. Anyway, my tablet died recently so I need to raise money for a new one-- I'm mainly a digital artist so having a working tablet is kinda necessary. ^.^; So far I need to raise about 200 so I can buy a friend's old tablet. Every little bit would...
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    How to win at art?

    Personally, I really like work done in traditional media, especially done with watercolors and inks. On the other hand. It's better to not try to force your self to do something just to attract more people for commissions or otherwise. Your best work will be what you feel the most...
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    Just a quick note, the author/artist of Hyper Police is "Mee". :3 Might make it a little easier to find.
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    Making a "bigger" upload?

    I have a large moniter (two, in fact), but I absolutely abhor large images. I don't really see what's so attractive about images over 700 px in any dimension on the internet. Seriously. Granted, this is because I hate scrolling, and I would prefer to see the whole image in one view. That's...
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    deviantArt Version 6

    It's there. I'm glad to have thumbnails now, in any event. It was a little confusing to use at first, though. Ahahahaha. Not that I use DA all that often anyway, though.
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    How old were you when you discovered it?

    I ... some how... escaped realizing that there was a fandom until college, when my friends introduced me to it. I was like... 19 or 20 at the time. But I'd been drawing furries since time began and had been using an anthro pokemon board and reading Redwall and all sorts of stuff. AND I DIDN'T...
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    Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!"

    Re: Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!" Well, I certainly think I'm a furry. I didn't know the fandom existed until College, but I've been actively drawing furry stuff for as long as I can remember. And I currently participate in the fandom. I even wear a tail at conventions. But...