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    Sonic Character Ages

    I refuse to believe you genuinely believe that. Altho it WOULD get rid of that shitty Roommates comic...get rid of all the copywrong characters and force everyone to face the fact it's just a lame gay furry drama.
  2. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    Come to think of it, the reason I don't want to see Sonic porn banned isn't because I'd miss it; like I said, there are plenty of other websites to get my fix from should I feel inclined to do so. No; the reason I don't want to see it banned is to give the self-righteous pricks trying to ban...
  3. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    Well that's just, like, your opinion, man. Don't you mean sanity?
  4. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    You haven't seen much, have you.
  5. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    Sigh. Here we go again... Saying Sonic porn = child pornography is the most insanely idiotic thing I've heard since...actually nevermind, I don't hang around on the forums all that much (and threads like this are pretty much why) Anyway, here's why I think anyone who makes that...
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    Sonic Character Ages

  7. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    "Cub" is to furries what "children" are for everyone else. The word gets brought up, all ability to think objectively is terminated and everyone starts seeing pedophiles everywhere. I bet everyone would be a lot happier if FA just had an effective filtering mechanism.
  8. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    That's not actually a bad idea. It wouldn't shut people up, quite on the contrary; but it would also be an act so unbiased that no one would really have any grounds to make an argument based on anything other than personal feelings.
  9. Takeshi

    Sonic Character Ages

    And this is why this whole thing is fucking stupid, IMO. And yes, furries are self-entitled twats. PIRATE PHOTOSHOP RAGE WHEN PEOPLE PIRATE YOUR PORN Luckily, FA was far from being my no.1 source of Sonic porn anyway, so... Also, I call bullshit on the claim of Sonic characters...
  10. Takeshi

    Opinions on "hybrids" and "mixes."

    Ok, here's a thought I've had for a long time. Suppose in a world inhabited by furries where such ludicrous crossbreeding is possible, what kind of ratio of hybrids to purebreds would it have? Take real life for example, altho you can easily find whiteys all over the place, you'll be hard...
  11. Takeshi

    Give your fursona a voice!

    Banjo Ginga. But I've no idea what that guy sounds like in English so I got Vin Diesel as an alternative.
  12. Takeshi

    If you woke up and were a furry.

    It'd suck. Unless I had superpowers too. Then it'd suck considerably less.
  13. Takeshi

    If you woke up...

    ...I think any morning you wake up is a good one. A morning you don't wake up, will be very, very bad.
  14. Takeshi

    What Kind of Paws Do You Prefer?

    I prefer hands. You know, opposable thumbs?