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    Tako's Art Thread - Or, I'm trying to learn to draw anthros! Critiques & Feedback please!

    Hello everyone! Long term furry here, I've been in the community generally for around ten years, and despite being an artist, animal based anatomy has always eluded me unless extremely simplified. I'm now attempting to make strives to improve it as best I can, mostly so I can start drawing my...
  2. Takoto

    What is your drink of choice?

    Tea I drink 6~8+ cups per day on an average day. Aside from that, fruity water, and sometimes lemonade if I wanna treat myself. I can't drink alcohol due to the medications I'm on.
  3. Takoto

    Your Preferred Apparel

    T-shirt and shorts if I'm indoors or sleeping, T-shirt and jeans if I'm outdoors. If it's winter, it's t-shirt, dressing gown and pajama bottoms. I don't often wear jackets, just hoodies and sweaters, though I do have a leather jacket I occasionally wear. Always wear a green scarf if I'm...
  4. Takoto

    Opinion on Furry Porn?

    I've drawn an uncountable amount of furry NSFW in my time, so I definitely fall into the support category. To me it's like any other sort of illustrated porn, just happens to commonly depict anthros instead of humans. I must admit, I do find myself drawn to drawing more furry NSFW than human...
  5. Takoto

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    www.furaffinity.net: Bakeneko by Takoto My last proper picture submitted to fA
  6. Takoto

    How did your loved one react?

    My Mum is cool with it, she's never really brought it up, but she's pretty cool with internet stuff. She plays video games all the time, and she's pretty open-minded. My brother is on the internet like 24/7 and says that he thinks furries are cool but doesn't like the "erotic art" of them...
  7. Takoto

    How to talk to depressed people?

    As a long-term depression sufferer, I would say just talk to them how you'd talk to anyone else. Give them a chat every day or every other day if you're not too social. If they ask for advice, give it you're all; if they need assistance, try your best. Depression differs from person to person...
  8. Takoto

    Do you think you'll remain a furry (for long)?

    10+ years I've been a furry, so unless something major changes I can't see myself stopping being a furry or having a fursona on anything- at the very last I'll always be very into the art and characters.
  9. Takoto

    Are you an adult or a young fur?

    I can definitely understand that ; ; My girlfriend and I are 23 and 21, respectively, and whilst she looks her age, I look a lot younger, and we've had some very interesting reactions. I always carry my drivers ID with me though, so getting ID'd isn't a problem, but... When we first got...
  10. Takoto

    Are you an adult or a young fur?

    Well, I do wish I could stay young forever- but looking 16 whilst physically being almost 22 kinda sucks. ;;
  11. Takoto

    Wacom Bamboo One (CTL671) VS Huion 680TF graphic tablet.

    I currently use a Huion- the H610 Pro- and I've used a Wacom Bamboo. I used the Wacom Bamboo for 11 years, and recently switched to the Huion- Huion tablets definitely aren't as polished and refined was Wacom tablets, but for the price they're great (going off the Huion H610 Pro which is Huion's...
  12. Takoto

    what furry things do you have?

    I have a bunch of Japanese furry/kemono doujins (most of a not work-safe nature), and the 3rd Kemono Book by CyberConnect. Will probably also get the first and second books eventually. I have a bunch of tails and cat ears I've gathered over the years, but no actual suit or anything yet.
  13. Takoto

    kids yes or no?

    My girlfriend wants kids, but when we're older, so probably in around 10 years or so. Right now, I'm apathetic.
  14. Takoto

    What Are You Listening To?

  15. Takoto

    Post your Gaming Channels V2.

    www.youtube.com: Takoto is mine! Mostly artwork and Pokémon TCG pack openings right now, but hoping to record some more 3DS stuff soon, probably of Pokémon and/or Bravely Second.