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  1. Tally

    Your favorite forums

    Well come on, the main reason is to have a place to chat that is less strict. And most of the people there still post here too, so it's not really "we hate faf!!!1!" or anything.
  2. Tally

    Snow, do you like it?

    Living in Finland would suck if I didn't.
  3. Tally

    What do you think the year 3011 would be like?

    Sadly, I think Rickrolling will have died out by then, or have been replaced by some "lame and super old song from 2910". Hopefully, 3011 will not look very Earth-y. Maybe a bit more Mars-y. Will be nice changing blue skies to orange skies which we don't get to see...
  4. Tally

    comparisons between furry and anime

    Oh, look at that. I was wrong, calling random people out DOES make you popular here.
  5. Tally

    Converting someone to furry

    Show them some nice dogcock porn.
  6. Tally

    Hello everyone -glomps- ^_^

    Fursona making isn't that hard. You think of an animal you like or are interested in or can relate to in some way. You give it human characteristics. (Which probably reflect yourself, or how you want to be. If you're shy, make it shy.) Take out a paper and pencil, and start sketching ideas of...
  7. Tally

    i have aids

    This looks like some /b/tard furry joined.
  8. Tally

    A Fur In Afghanistan

    Yeah, it's totally like mw2 in the real world.
  9. Tally

    Furry Dreams?

    I had a furry dream last night. (Oh shit) There was a fursuit parade walking by my house, so I went outside to take a look. I bumped into Foxwell, one of my favorite fursuiters, and got a hug. Short and sweet.
  10. Tally

    Species that go well together?

  11. Tally

    comparisons between furry and anime

    Wow, someone is taking an argument a bit too personally. And we were not talking about fursonas, we were talking about how anime is different from the furry fandom. I said that it isn't fair to call fursonas generic when there are so many more anime characters that are exactly the same as...
  12. Tally

    A Fur In Afghanistan

    Sounds awesome! Hope you keep having fun over there, and good luck/be careful!
  13. Tally

    comparisons between furry and anime

    I guess we've learned that you think that Intro threads on one furry forum are a good way of seeing how many of what species we have in the fandom. I might as well tell you to scroll up this page, looking at what species have posted in this thread. And we've also learned that your reading...
  14. Tally

    comparisons between furry and anime

    Do you have any evidence that most of the fandom is foxes, wolves, and huskies? It may be common on these forums, but not being one of these three is also common. These three species may be popular, but it doesn't make furry characters generic. It just makes generic characters generic.
  15. Tally


    Do not post stupid stuff. That is the best tip anyone can give you for making friends on this forum. The less stupid stuff you post, the less people will flame you. Kinda odd to judge someone based on the kinds of intro threads that others make.