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  • I´d love to be added to the the Commissions/Artists list, since the Black market rule link doesn´t work, I´m quite confused what should i do.
    6 weeks holidays, hanging around at 30 degree and reading articles about the 13 degree winter over there in Australia. Making more art, gonna finish your request the next few days. Yea, things you do when theres nothing to do.
    Aww you hit me between the eyes right in the feels D:

    Sorry just checking by and saying hello
    That was a troll thread
    A hilarious one
    How couls you lock such a thing of beauty!!?!!? :C
    I thought you were a man Tara O__O
    oh crap i am so sorry. I sent you a private message and I just saw your comment on the thread
    Fair enough about the other threads. I'm a big ball of stress atm. However it was never to purposely cause trouble I was just trying to defend myself and got out of hand with it - my apologies to that.
    - so they knew I was bothered by the "wut" and still did it....that is defiantly incendiary!
    Anyway. I'm sorry for any trouble I caused. I'm not myself.
    Have a good night x
    Because I didn't like 3 users all say "wut" one after another? I just found it very immature. Maybe it's my age.
    I am stressed out my mind. I have recently been made redundant in my long term job of 12 years. My patience isn't as strong as it usually is
    Um just a question, how is a post about my views on the human species, Alien existence and my question/confusion about the Generel Discissions classed as incendiary? Not once was it ever my intention to stir up trouble. These were legitiment honest threads that caused others to be immature and nasty - I am a nice person. This is a misunderstanding
    I would personally move if I could not convince my country to stop censoring my internet usage. I wouldn't live in China either for that reason. I'm not being rude by suggesting it because I'd just like for others to be able to experience the same kind of freedom on the internet as we do.

    As far as the other user is concerned, he has few posts on FAF, I already knew that. But he has been harassing me and whoever else he has a problem with for years, on the main site as well as other sites such as e621.net (he has been permabanned there BTW).

    I get into arguments because certain individuals have a problem with accepting my opinion and instead come up with ridiculous allegations such as me being a 'white knight' and whatnot. It's easy to get inflamed at people who never shut the hell up about you.
    Um, I was suggesting this as an alternative, not to be rude.

    Are you gonna yell at me about DragonsRevenge too? I seriously don't know why the guy hasn't been removed from the site yet.
    What do you want me to do? Russia is a shit country with stupid censorship policies, I'd likely kill myself if I was forced to live there. They seem to have a strong dislike of equal rights as well.
    And they are supposed to be doing tweaks to current models in the patch too...like the creepy Orc rape face smile.
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