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  • Oh so you are getting them? Man I was getting so confused and worry. I thought I was stuck in a bug or something. Thank you for the message. I was also looking to remove the misplaced thread, the very first one I messed up on if that is possible. Or is it already closed so that other people can't see it?
    Haaa, right?
    I feel like it's social commentary of sorts. But I'm not sure what it's commenting exactly. It's just poetic in a ridiculous way~
    So, I understand theres rules to abide by to make everything people friendly and all, but Ive read the rules before and after the deletion of my thread, and no where is there a mentioning of raffles anywhere.
    Sorry. That was my mistake. I wasn't sure how to do it, so I did what I thought was best.
    Yup-- nice to get back into art again and of course I remember you now, lol (duhhhh)

    I discovered your identity trolling your account to find your FA link
    D'oh course I remember you-- you weren't a mod when I was here I believe lol. Like I said, I'm trying to get back into enjoying art more.
    Hey-- yeah I've been gone for a while. (I hope you're not offended, I don't recognize your screenname). I just got sidetracked from art. Decided to come back.
    Thanks for deleting my double post; I'm still new to the forums and couldn't see a delete button anywhere. I'm assuming there isn't a delete button on purpose though, I partially understand why that is.
    I was thinking on the prices a bit, its way below what i would ask for professional work, but i wanted to test the waters here first, if anybody actually wants it.
    Seeing how people take 10$ for a sketch it might seem much to ask 100$ for a 3d untextured version of it, normal people dont really realize that in production in game development high poly sculpts take 1-4 weeks per model to get them to a decent quality So i dunno.
    Anyway thanks.
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