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  • Just saying, you're supposed to post your responses on MY profile. Otherwise, I won't know that you responded! Anywho, I'll PM you my Skype name! And the "relaxing" part made me laugh a bit. I am by no means relaxing :/
    Haha. It's fine ^.=.^ And actually, yes I do! I use Skype A LOT, so that's what I give to my buddies :3
    That's cool and I understand. So do you commonly use any instant messengers? *hugs* its good meeting you by the way ^^
    Haha. Well, thanks for finding my post. Unfortunately, requests are temporarily closed because my requests are extending straight out of my tail ^.=.^ I'll be reopening them, however, when I finish the requests. Keep checking and I'll tell you when they're reopened!
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