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    5$ headshot commissions - good quality!

    I'm defiantly interested! I'm really busy tonight, but I'll shoot you a PM tomorrow. :3
  2. Taren Fox

    After flood of outrage, police will investigate shooting of husky

    Full story: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/anne-arundel/bs-md-ar-dog-shooting-20100804,0,3761982.story Pretty sad stuff. ):
  3. Taren Fox

    FAF's layout

    Indeed. It makes pages twice as long.
  4. Taren Fox

    FAF's layout

    Figured that much.
  5. Taren Fox


    Not so much. The closest I've ever come was volunteering for the Obama campaign in 2008. Promoting health care reform, mostly.
  6. Taren Fox

    Websites that can read your mind, how do they work?

    Pretty sure that site is for fictional characters, not people.
  7. Taren Fox

    Websites that can read your mind, how do they work?

    Holy shit, it worked. It guessed Danger Mouse. I'm in awe. EDIT: Damn, it got Darkwing Duck too. And Antoine D'Coolette from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  8. Taren Fox


    I've already booked my flight and pre-registered. I hear it's a hell of a con, and I'm very much looking forward to going! :D
  9. Taren Fox

    What is Anthrocon like?

    Lotsa, lotsa booze. <3 That sums up Anthrocon.
  10. Taren Fox

    FAF's layout

    I haven't been here in a while. Is there any word on when FAF's layout is getting fixed, or when it's going to revert back to it's non-default layout? Sirsly, this default white and blue forum layout is so goddamn ugly to look at. D: Big turn off to some posters.
  11. Taren Fox

    Anthrocon 2010 FAF Meetup -- When and Where

    Only a week away!
  12. Taren Fox

    Does anyone like the new forum look?

    I leave the forums for a day and I come back to this? RAGE.
  13. Taren Fox

    What to do in 20 minutes...?

    omnomnom on some sammiches
  14. Taren Fox

    I Have a terrible.....

    It's only a matter of time before OP makes another "How big is your salami" topic.
  15. Taren Fox

    Any good animé documentaries out there?

    Interesting -- I'll have to check that out!