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    New Server Order Date: DELAYED

    RE: New Server Order Date: December 1st, 2006 whats that paypal info now? Im not a fan of amazoon. >..>;; mayhaps send the note on the main furaffinity page... I dont check the forums enough to notice it >..>
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    Nvidia 8800 GTX/GTS series

    I just want something better than my intel x3000 :{
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    FurFright Con: The FurFright Beast Hungers For Artists

    Seems I missed this. I dont check these forums enough....
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    Covenant Forces Invade FA - Coders Needed!

    *late posting* I can dual wield Needlers, but that be about it. Anyone need a coverlizard? >..>
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    Forum av commission request

    Honda! Woo! *skitters off*
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    system errors up the butt

    because every link led to a database error...
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    Accounting Record - Updated, Apr 4

    Wish I had the cashflow to help. $400 base is a lot, let alone the extra for all the repairs/upgrades. :s
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    FA Server -- Inside the Hosting Facility

    Ahh. That's about 50-60 miles south... Eenteresting.
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    FA Server -- Inside the Hosting Facility

    Oooh. Where is this just outside NYC? I live about 20 miles from the Tappan Zee bridge, about ~40 miles from Manhattan. And I didn't know there was a server station nearbye! :o
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    Contest - Design a UI

    Mm. Just that as soon as one part of the community is displayed on the banner, the rest of the community will voice up and demand representation... But I've yet to come up with anything better, so............. yeah.
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    Contest - Design a UI

    Honestly gotta say I don't really care for any of these... *snicker* @ scale affinity, though, but the banner background image with nothing but hyper mature characters is meh. :? I know, I know. If you don't like it, design your own.... Ok. *looks for a decent shot of fender*
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    403 Forbidden/Site Offline for Upgrades

    Hooray! </zoidberg>
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    Who are the best artists here?

    :p If I thought you were serious I'd have ignored you and let you live in your own world. ;) (not that there aren't many an egotist in this place >..>) *snugs a leopard*
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    Bugger, it goes up for the hour I'm in class, and as soon as I'm back, it goes back down :( *is a sad leezard*
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    Aww. Don't let it get you frustrated. Atleast it's being worked on. Unlike countless other projects I have seen rise and die. *nuzzles a feline admin* >..> <..< *skitters off*