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    Win 7 installation problem

    What can I say, Try with other installation media, or format the drive if you didn't. Sometimes even trying to install of pendrive on old mobo is impossible. Try making the installer with RUFUS (configured as MBR+BIOS - not UEFI - as it may also cause issues on old computers), it may help.
  2. Tec

    The above poster dies, How?

    Actually yellowcake.
  3. Tec

    The above poster dies, How?

    Tried to measure higgs boson
  4. Tec

    The above poster dies, How?

    Tried to finish reading Pi.
  5. Tec

    Favorite Programming Language

  6. Tec

    Favorite Programming Language

    Have you tried going trough lua.org manual Lua 5.3 Reference Manual - contents ? It pretty much covers most of the stuff. As for programming in general I am willing to help. I think I wrote enough code to be of use. Anyone here also Git gut, on Github/alternatives?
  7. Tec

    Favorite Programming Language

    Lua requires little to no brain to learn. But if you want OOP in it... it gets somewhat confusing. Best way to learn some is trough OpenComputers/ComputerCraft mods for mc XD. OC is more difficult-er.
  8. Tec

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Totally agreed. Oh wait...
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    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Medieval Peasant.
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    Anthrasmagoria's art

    This is really astounding even tho the forehead looks kind of uncanny for me.
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    Hello there!

    Well, today's dry humor: How do you round 3? 3.14 seems more rOund.
  12. Tec

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

  13. Tec

    Shows that I really really hate (And that I've seen all the episodes of)

    Stargate: Universe - I agree, kill me, didn't seen whole series tho.
  14. Tec

    Favorite Programming Language

    I guess it is programming his language.