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  1. Tecwyn

    Just starting out as a furry any suggestions for how to get more involved

    What helped for me is just being active on the forum, maybe seeking out a discord server or two, getting in touch with others like yourself and chatting casually. This can lead to inspirations on what you want to do, or maybe other venues to explore
  2. Tecwyn

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    Hey, this sounds pretty interesting, I'd like to give it a try too if you wouldn't mind
  3. Tecwyn

    Most Fun Word To Say

    Prone (for some reason)
  4. Tecwyn

    How do you sleep?

    To answer simply, I have no idea, cannot seem to rest, and prone to randomly waking up. Usually well rested though, so it evens out
  5. Tecwyn

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums, hope you have fun!
  6. Tecwyn

    Adult furs? 21+

    Basically just a safe haven from the little kids, where we talk about important things like taxes and groceries, and hip replacements, you know, ADULT stuff ;)
  7. Tecwyn

    Adult furs? 21+

    please do, it's Always nice to see someone expressing themselves
  8. Tecwyn

    Adult furs? 21+

    That's a nice poem, it really shows emotion
  9. Tecwyn

    Open Chat

    has anyone ever truly contemplated potatoes?
  10. Tecwyn

    What video game are you playing...

    Recently revisited an old classic for my N64: mystical ninja starring Goemon. Nothing says ancient japan like giant fighting robots
  11. Tecwyn

    Adult furs? 21+

    I don't think i'm THAT ancient, what is it?
  12. Tecwyn


    Welcome to the forums, hope you feel inspired and have a generally good time here!
  13. Tecwyn

    I'm a potato

    Hey there and welcome to the forums, hope you have fun. Potatoes are awesome, so I suppose you must be too.
  14. Tecwyn

    Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!

    Welcome to the forum, have a fun time here :)
  15. Tecwyn

    Whats my fellow FA users political affiliation?

    No direct political affiliation on my end, mostly depends on the programs of the groups of my country. Though in the whole i'd suppose i'd lean towards the left a bit, although i'm always open to hear the reasons of the opposition