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    (Commission) Selling: ★★[10$-70$] HQ Digital Art Commissions|NSFW/SFW/Ref sheets/Anthro/Sketches/Fullbodies [OPEN]★★

    Does that NSFW fee apply to tasteful semi-nude, ie like the girl on the bottom of your price sheet? Also, do you primarily do hetero art or have you dabbled in gay art?
  2. Teemo The Yiffer

    How old do you have to be to go to a con without parental supervision?

    I saw a lot of kids, some in little fursuits, at FC. FC also usually shares the convention center with the high school girl's Volleyball Tournament. So it's a bit more benign. It seemed family friendly, despite seeing some unique characters. Any who, it was too sfw for my blood, which is...
  3. Teemo The Yiffer

    Your fursona is very cute~

    Your fursona is very cute~
  4. Teemo The Yiffer

    Hiring: Colored Sketch Commission

    Hello, I'm seeking for artists that can do a colored sketch for less than $40. I have a Discord server with 428 users and I'd like to conduct a commission raffle for them. Although I have 32 artists in the server, most of them have their slots filled, commissions closed, or don't do commissions...
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    Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]

    Ahhh ok. I'll wait patiently.
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    Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]

    Hello, I don't like making requests and prefer to pay for art. Let me know when you plan on opening your commissions and I'll commission you. It seems like you may have a natural affinity for feral types and are getting into anthros. I may not have feral OCs but I can do a giveaway for the...
  7. Teemo The Yiffer

    Discord Py Bot

    Hello fellow furs, I've created a discord bot in python. Yes, I know there are a ton of these. However, mine is aimed at creating a turn-key commissioning service for artists and their customers. I coded in a commissioning service that questions users on what sort of commission they seek, the...
  8. Teemo The Yiffer

    Good Day!

    Hello, Yordle is just dwarf feline-like creature. They've been around for a long time: I don't yodel, kupo.
  9. Teemo The Yiffer

    Good Day!

    Hello, I'm a tad new to FA and haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Teemo the Yiffer. Pleasure meeting all of you and I hope to foster some great discussions.
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    League Of Legends Furs?...

    The game still has its merits. It is a team intensive game and most people are not able to handle that. Sure preps you for the work environment as there will always be a lazy or toxic team member.
  11. Teemo The Yiffer

    League Of Legends Furs?...

    I've been playing League since 2008. On and off. Last season I was Diamond but I haven't played in a while. Feel free to add me on there. Same name: Teemo the Yiffer. Discord: Teemo the Yiffer#5581
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    Furry Discord Server?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone had recommendation of a good furry discord server with a possible NSFW channel? I'm a prolific poster of that type of art and would definitely be active in that sector. Thanks, -Teemo the Yiffer
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    As an IT Procurement & Asset Analyst, I am interested in your server as well.
  14. Teemo The Yiffer

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) --PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS | starting 80+ | 3/3 OPEN

    LOL. Tell them that you saw a bird draw a trap anime girl.