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    Something We All Can Do To Help Prevent The Next Big Downtime

    Not to split hairs, but Complaining to the admins is still something we can do.
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    Site Status, What's Going On and an Apology

    Am I allowed to advertise Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook? What about Youtube?
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    Unpopular gaming opinions.

    The most unpopular gaming opinion of all time is: Learn to play.
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    Battlefield 3

    Because it's not where the money's mostly at. But we all knew that.
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    Battlefield Three Alpha Testers Post Here

    The 3D spotting is way too spammable. I honestly think they were trying to correct complaints about other Battlefield games' spotting being punishingly strict.... but anyone complaining about it being in the game is retarded because for god sakes. It's always been around! lol The only bugs...
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    Battlefield Three Alpha Testers Post Here

    So how do you like the game so far???? I got an audio bug where every person would be playing their weapon-firing sound effect due to alt tabbing. The game runs amazingly smooth on my system, which is bizarre considering it sort of slogged on Bad Company 2.
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    I was really just making this thread because I was surprised another thread didn't exist already after searching the forums. The interest check is surprisingly not what I'd expected.. I'd thought more people would've known about the site already and had already dismissed it. Anyway. Thanks for...
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    Well, the creator of the website is the former owner/founder of FA, so that's why the two are so similar. The co-founder is evidently the guy's MATE. So I dunno... I doubt it'll take off. :C
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    So there's this new website that's apparently like FA, but has some of its former functionality active, like Commission information and evidently a sort of folder system that might/not be restricted to making a set of character profiles for all your fursonas and stuff, so it could be like F-List...
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    Fur Affinity/Furocity Joining Forces

    Re: Fur Affinity/Furocity Merger Announcement Whatever paves the way for getting back to rebuilding the site so that old features can be re-implemented and features planned from ages ago without worry about the legacy code getting in the way.
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    So Battlefield 3 comes out this fall

    Looks like we got ourselves a hater. Side B of the broken record tries to derail. It will be nice when they release multiplayer footage. So far all it looks like is that they've tightened up the gun handling a lot to make it feel more like CoD Battlefield gun handling always felt like you had...
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    So Battlefield 3 comes out this fall

    The game becomes more tactical and camping is less of a risk with far less people running around. So it feels a little bit more like a really arcadey version of Rainbow 6. (This is assuming that it'll be similar to Battlefield 2)
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    So Battlefield 3 comes out this fall

    So are there any community servers planned? If so, what will the rulesets be from gameplay rules to social rules (trash talk)
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    Pokemon Character Ages?

    I don't see how they can be considered beasts when most of them are obviously sentient, with personalities and even culture as shown by. Well. All the movies, media, etc etc. Edit: Just because Dragoneer considers them something doesn't really mean it's true. It just means he's ok with...