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  • Came back and leaving this on your wall here.

    Hi. You were the most interesting man on FAF
    But...I lived in Jersey before. :c

    And Yes, come FAU, we shall. I will even allow you to kidnap me for a few hours...because if I decide to work, I ain't gonna stop.
    The south shall rise again!
    (Also, I am going to get some rum. Any suggestions?)
    It'll spaz out, even more so if it's whiskey of the Irish variety.
    I need to make sure I pack some next time. That's one thing I forgot to bring. That, and some Sailor Jerry's.
    ALL THE PERVERT STORIES! And of course a few serious statements such as resources and work related things...

    I'll make sure to pack a special beer or sommat for you to take home and drink. With a bow...and stuff.
    It was a pretty good turnout. Next year, you'll have to come to see me do a "Zeke's library story" panel. I'll bring beer to help repress the horrible memories of the workplace. :V
    Hmm...Should I bring an IPA or a German lambic?

    That's a really interesting argument. Thanks a whole bunch for sharing!
    Hey; I was reading your reply to Randy in the Soccer/Football thread and I've got a question, but the thread's dragged so far on I just thought I'd ask you about it here? I think Randy's assumption was that an ethical salary would be aligned to what someone deserves (see: philosophical desert theory).

    I doubt he was questioning that the footballer was entitled to the huge sums of money that he had been offered, just like the corporate entity that hires him is entitled to offer a salary to whatever value it pleases. But I can see where the injustice comes from: sports is a career like any other, but one that uniquely provides no service or benefit to consumers, only to sportsmen. On the other hand, a soldier is expected to give his life and legacy in the service of fleeting war. If I said that I think, regardless of what these two men are entitled to, I believed the soldier is deserving of more, what would you say?
    In the fall. Maybe by next AC it'll be a nice pimp and Ho party with Gin and juice.

    Are you filming for a "Protect them bees" segment? I keep hearing that there has been a problem with the Bee population vanishing.
    Not yet. I need to get the last lab out of the way before I can get that piece of paper that says "I r graduate".

    Most of the experiments pertain to the environment and such.

    Anyways, be careful with dem bees, mate.
    Doing Science like a BAWS!

    Bees as in the actual buzzing insect or something else?
    *licks your brain juice*

    Hmm...Never figured you for watermelon flavored. Also how are you?
    Well I just banned another 6

    Get on my level bro
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