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    I don't know if this thread applies to the upcoming discord server, but I think the server should have a verification system where you need to connect your FA account to gain access. This alone should significantly reduce trolling.
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    Discord is not a replacement for forums

    Discord has a thread feature that addresses this concern pretty well imo, it's just that its established userbase never really uses it so it may not see heaps of interaction.
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    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    My family put up the Christmas tree today. We didn't decorate it, but that always marks the start of those good holiday vibes. I also cleared out a bit more of my dark, dirty basement where my computer is and can now consider my little corner of the house to be something akin to "cozy"
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    Open Chat

    Can confirm. I cull my watch history to only be furry-related videos and I constantly get recommended 24/7 chillhop streams and shit like that. Never done anything at all that would cause the algorithm to think I'd want to see that.
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    Where My Digimon Fans At?

    Ayooo! I got into Digimon kinda late (2016, when I was 16 years old) but I feel like I wouldn't have joined this fandom if not for that. I've made a ritual of listening to the various Japanese soundtracks when I go on my morning walks for about 5 or 6 years now.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Unpopular movies you enjoy

    Equilibrium. Haven't seen it in a long time but I think it's a great movie despite its abysmal ratings. It's got gun-fu, what's not to love?
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    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    The more graphically impressive a game is, the shittier it is as a video game. Most modern AAA titles all look and feel like the same damn thing -- I just want something like oldschool Serious Sam for once. Plus, it's hard to get immersed in a video game world that just looks exactly like real...
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    your latest purchase ! :3

    A 20-lb recurve barebow! I've been learning archery for a couple months now and my instructor gave me a little shopping list of parts for my own bow so I won't have to use his crappy training bow anymore. This one's nothing special, but I love it.
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    Hostile communities you stopped using?

    Furry twitter. Even as a leftist, the kind of shit I see people saying there is fucking ridiculous. And aside from politics, twitter furries love to generate enormous amounts of drama by banding together and taking a grand stance against bad takes that nobody actually has. (Throughout the whole...
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    Your fictional character crush

    It's been a while since I really had a crush on any fictional characters... most recent one I can think of is Orisa from Overwatch. hooboy was I swooning over her.. EDIT: Sorry, completely forgot Diane Foxington.
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    Fursona Pronunciation

    My sona's named Suɲo. That lil ɲ is an IPA symbol that doesn't exist in any real languages, but it's basically the Spanish ñ ("soo-nyoh"). For ease of reading I typically write Suno instead of Sunyo because people will pronounce it wrong no matter what, they'll just be a little less wrong that way.