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    Any fellow Starcraft 2 players here?

    YES. I loovve starcraft and play quite a bit (High Diamond, on the verge of hitting masters) and I've been wondering why there aren't more good players around. There a furry chat channel that will occasionally have some furs, but it's usually not very busy. Just search Furry in the chat channel...
  2. Thallis

    Hey you fags!

    It all depends on the tone for me. If it's said playfully, I have no problem with it, but if there is serious maliciousness behind the words, then I'll be unnerved a bit.
  3. Thallis

    Furries fail at having respectable jobs :U

    Lifeguard slash student here.
  4. Thallis

    What is your sexual orientation?

    Asexual refers to not experiencing attraction towards either gender, not a lack of a sex drive. Aka You're wrong.
  5. Thallis


    It's an incredibly fun and well balanced game with with enough difference in classes to keep you interested, but not too many to take away from the balance of the game.
  6. Thallis

    What's your shoe size?

    Re: Gay sex... 12. My skate size is 10 1/2, though.
  7. Thallis

    How do you have the balls to make furry porn?!

    I'm pretty sure "Money" is more than an appropriate excuse.
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    Confessions Thread

    Are you truly sorry for what you did?
  9. Thallis

    So hey look at this piece of crap...

    The best part of that trailer was Airborne's Runnin' Free playing at the beginning.
  10. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    Perhaps I wasn't exactly clear. Diaperfurs and babyfurs are for the diaper fetish / infantalism aspect. Cub is for the porn involving underage furs. Babyfur porn is the mixing of these. Three separate groups, two of them occaisionally mix. It's like going into a thread that asks, "How do you...
  11. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    I c wut u did thar. Time to let this thread die.
  12. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    The term Cub encompasses everything under 18 (Or so I'm aware of). Babyfurs are infantalists, and don't like cub porn. When it goes into the realm of cub porn, it's no longer babyfur or involves multiple fetishes. They're essentially changing the subject then. You're probably right.
  13. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    Considering Diaperfurs are just adult versions of babyfurs, and cub is a separate entity entirely, the fact that people seem to be bringing up the Cub aspect gives reason to believe that there are many in this thread who don't know the difference.
  14. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    There are a few posts in here that would suggest otherwise.
  15. Thallis

    any views on diaperfurs?

    For everyone's information: Diaperfur art is not the same as babyfur art which is not the same as cub porn. I'm not sure if some of you are being sarcastic or are just retarded.