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  1. tharesan.alae

    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    Complete revamp of prices and options for commission.
  2. tharesan.alae

    Canine Reference Sheet

    Well, I haven't done a lot of reference sheets, so I only have one example. I can do line art or digital paint. I'm not sure how cutesy you want, but I can do a mild cute. If interested, contact me on deviantart or here. I'll be looking at the $30 end for this...
  3. tharesan.alae

    For a Full body digital art

    I don't know if I quite qualify as semi realistic, but I'll offer my services. I'll do it for $24. Contact me on my Deviantart, fa doesn't work for me. http://tharesan.deviantart.com/art/Contest-Prize-Sayako-Sato-378787112 http://tharesan.deviantart.com/art/Succubus-385891153...
  4. tharesan.alae

    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    I've now started designing bats. Maybe some of you will be interested?
  5. tharesan.alae

    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    Added new examples and also included my supporter discount. If you have been a previous commissioner of my art, then you get a discount of $15 an hour. It's my thanks to you.
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    Looking for

    I like drawing unique poses for characters, including dance. The body is a fascinating subject, and I'd like to create this work of art. Here are some examples of my previous works: Breakdancing: http://tharesan.deviantart.com/art/Vincs-374364012 Fighting...
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    Looking for a $10-$15 bust or icon

    Would you be interested in getting a bonus with this icon/avatar? There's this collage I'm working on, of a hundred faces of community members. If you buy from me, you'll get to be a part of this collage as well as getting yourself a pretty good quality cartoon avatar. Examples: Face #52...
  8. tharesan.alae

    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    I'm doing a special event called '100 Faces of Anthro'. It will be a great big collage of 100 faces of community members, and I'm currently at 43. So this is a limited time offer. If you want to be a part of this giant collage, the price is $19 for a spot and a custom drawn avatar. Here's...
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    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    Contact me on my deviantart http://tharesan.deviantart.com/ FA doesn't work for me. I don't come to this forum often, so you may get slow service if you contact me here. Commission I've ever done: 9 Commission Slots 1.empty 2.empty 3.empty 4.empty 5.empty...
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    Open for Trades and Requests

    I was just looking for any interesting people that might want to trade. Then I decided I'd endorse your work :3.
  11. tharesan.alae

    Open for Trades and Requests

    Browsing through forums and here you are. What are you doing here O_o? You are everywhere. Oh ya, Raziira's a good trader, she won't let you down. I've traded with her before.
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    Why haven't I done this yet?

    Here's Tharesan. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10023758/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10155446/ He's a wolf, because they are the most beautiful animal to me, and they have many behavioral aspects that I like. He's white/bright silver because I like that color. I have wavy hair, blue...
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    Unusual collections.

    Finally, someone collects something Japanese. I was surprised there aren't more. Anyway, I'll collect anything from Japan or China, statues, fans, swords, clothes, whatever.
  14. tharesan.alae

    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    Under the kitchen table. By the front door is awkward too because if someone comes home they smack you with the door.
  15. tharesan.alae

    Are you the same age as your fursona?

    My fursona is supposed to be me, so it would follow that he's my age.