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  1. that_darn_furry

    Favorite Furry Specie

    Canines and felines always take the win for me. I enjoy some horses but I’m more picky with ungulates in general!
  2. that_darn_furry

    Your fictional character crush

    Arwen and Eowyn from LOTR because I grew up watching fantasy and being utterly obsessed with pretty women
  3. that_darn_furry

    Your opinion on Therians/Otherkin

    Ain't my business what other people identify or feel comfortable labeling themselves as. They aren't causing harm to anyone, then let 'em be. I don't understand it personally, but it's not my job to understand, it's just my job to treat others kindly.
  4. that_darn_furry

    Long distance realtionships

    My partner and I are a result of a LDR - I moved here beginning of the year after 2 1/2 years of dating and it’s been smooth sailing since. We initially did meet once before making the jump to see if we’d be as connected in person as we was online, which we were! Before moving in together, we...
  5. that_darn_furry

    Should members be restricted to 16+ for the forum?

    Truthfully I don't think unless explicit content is being exposed to a minor, they(16+) should be barred. Moderators should be in charge of keeping pedophiles/groomers out of the community when spotted, and the site itself and it's members should encourage minors to report it and to keep away...
  6. that_darn_furry

    Have you ever regretted a commission?

    I've gotten a few pieces from different people, expected the quality of their examples from their price sheet, and art galleries, which kinda makes me not.. regret it, but feel less happy about my commission. Sadly I quickly learned that that artists tend to only upload the pieces they...
  7. that_darn_furry

    Favourite Animal?

    Jaguar, Sunda Clouded Leopard, Puma/American Mountain Lion/Cougar, and Coyote! it is 4 but I couldn't pick just the 3 so I narrowed it down to 4
  8. that_darn_furry

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    I think it's quite alright for kids to join the furry fandom as long as the content is filtered - I came from a kid-orientated site for furries/therians and I wasn't exposed to any inappropriate content. Granted, I'm sure some where by either lying about their age, or there was disgusting human...
  9. that_darn_furry

    I need advice

    I will say being a furry vs. therian are not the same, especially if you talk to actual therians. Furries don't (as far as I'm aware) physically feel extra limbs, extended features (tongues, muzzles, tails), or feel like they are in the wrong body, or feel they've been reincarnated from a...
  10. that_darn_furry

    I need advice

    Come out to them when you're comfortable and safe too.
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    Thank you both for the warm welcome! @KD142000 @PhyloSallas Hope you enjoy your stay as well Phylo! ^^
  12. that_darn_furry

    What's your budget/limit?

    Honestly I don’t usually spend more than $100 USD a month max, unless I’m able to do a payment plan, which usually only is done more for character purchases rather than commissions from my experience - most artists don’t do payment plans for anything less than $400 and I prefer to do them at...
  13. that_darn_furry

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    Oh, I have before and most of them find it funny LMAO I didn't realize it could upset anyone - I know they're not the exact same, it was moreso how I view them since that's where my experience with therians and furries alike started, on a site made for therians that seemed to occupy furries as...
  14. that_darn_furry

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    13 was my first introduction to a Therian/Therianthrope website (the OG furries that have differences) when googling wolf games, but I didn’t really take on a “fursona” until I was in my later teens, around 17-19 (my memory is fuzzy).
  15. that_darn_furry


    @Marco Polio @Yakamaru @Water Draco Thank you all for the welcome! :D I hope to enjoy my stay here.