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    Doesn't change the fact that it's necessary and will be undoubtedly for an extremely long time.
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    I was thinking and perhaps having a 'Streaming' section as an alternative to journals would be a pretty good idea. Stops the stream spam for people not interested and perhaps it could be able to get turned off. I don't want to see constant daily adverts for art streams, it's quite annoying to...
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    Ugh, a verified system requiring ID would be an absolutely disgusting thing to do. Most people DO NOT want to be associated with their FA account be it due to certain kinks, etc - Let alone the sheer privacy concerns (IDs getting leaked, etc)
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    Vent Thread

    Basically, just tag what's in the image, what species/franchise, kinks, if there's a story in the description if it's an image, etc. Higher chance of success with more tags, or that's how it usually goes.
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    Vent Thread

    What really annoys me is how little most artists tag things, or even attempt to put them in the proper categories. Can't count the times I've seen stuff not using the YCH/Sale section or being pretty blatantly obviously belonging in such a thing, or the same scams getting reposted time and...
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    Main Site There needs to be a better way to add posts on FA to your favorites

    Seems like it'd just harm interaction with art even more, such as comments and such.
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    Main Site Browsing History

    As long as it's opt-in (Sorta turned on from the settings menu to use it) it sounds good!
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    Which Community is Friendlier? FA or DeviantART?

    Wait, doesn't DA take control of your art/work if you post on their site? (Unless I'm mistaken)
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    (NSFW) A Strange Picture (Lucario Tf)

    After a long day at work, Jake wants to do nothing more then browse his favourite Pokemon but quickly finds something better then any picture. Pt1 of 4 (More parts being added over time!) A Strange Picture - Lucario tf by Thatguywholikesfood -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Tips on writing TF Outlines

    Well, I recommend planning out what you're going to be focusing on. Whether it's nsfw or sfw, deciding what you want transformed first is important. Jot down what you want transformed at first, their reactions etc, then what part of the body might be next.