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  • I can care less about the bestiality argument. I stopped playing that game a while ago.
    I was referring to "all morality is based in religion" and I must be saying it's not because I'm christian. It was funny because I'm not, I'm very strongly atheist, but that doesn't matter. I already gave a lot of examples as to how moral decisions and behavior occur outside of religion and how there is no real correlation between religion and behavior outside of very specific instances (don't eat pork, etc.)
    Fact of the matter is by saying that all morality is religious, you're ignoring the entirety of the study of ethics, which is fairly non religious, particularly in the past couple of centuries.
    you just sound severely misinformed about what morality is and how it works.
    you used "appeal to emotion" when equating animals with inter-racial couples. For your argument you can't simply say that a dog = a person. a human being is an animal yes but animals have widely different physical ability to understand. Only a handful of animals have sex for pleasure, most others do it out of instinct. for your stance you need to make the argument that a dog understands what is happening and wants to do it without coercion. Unfortunately you have a mountain of evidence against you on that.
    You can't just say "animals are animals and we are animals" we can not be held at the same standard as a rabbit. Dogs can not be held to the same standard as a rabbit. We expect different things out of different animals based on their physical ability. If a dog bites, it's a bad dog. If a rabbit bites, it's not a bad rabbit.
    thank you. If you want a serious debate I do recommend looking up fallacies and working on your argument structure. you might get your point across better.
    That's the second time someone's said that to me. xD And yes I do; I'll email it to you, though.
    Aww. I would add you, but I never really use my IM client myself, haha.
    there aren't any local indie record shops here :T everything has to be done through internet

    and I hate buying vinyl online :T
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