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  1. The Technovorous Cats.

    How did you come up with your fursona?

    I currently have two fursonas. Dana and Tylar are Technovorous. As you might already have figured out, they eat technology. My first thought of this was from my stories I wrote a while back. Biometallic life forms aren't that popular of a subject to think about. Many think of Artificial...
  2. The Technovorous Cats.

    I have autism...Help!

    I have Autism too. Bare in mind, I have a less obvious form of it. Anyone with Autism can feel the differences between them and 'normal' people. The social aspect gets easier over time. It takes years of practice just to feel at level with someone. If you were to talk to some one, they seem to...
  3. The Technovorous Cats.

    Well enough.

    Well enough.