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The Wretched Automatons

Hey, how ya all doin'. Name's The Wretched Automaton, pleased to meet ya.

So, I'm guessing I have to write some kind of biography? Well, I was born and raised in the lovely UK, I'm something of a cynical person with a usually dark sense of humour, but isn't that the best kind? Despite that, I pride myself on being cheerful and friendly as I can be to pretty much anyone. Except you. You best be watching out for me.

Probably worth noting, I'm terrible at drawing, but I'm steadily trying to improve. Steadily. It'll take a long time before I'm anywhere near the levels of some of the more amazing people here. But, I'm getting there, I like to think.

I don't have a fursona either. Does that make me an outcast? Oh boy, I hope not.

Creative Writing, films, reading, Bionicle, MLP, Doctor Who, Grimm, Alcatraz etc, etc.
Spherus Magna


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