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  • So I'll see you at the SHM gig in Milton Keynes?

    Oh right, you aren't going. I forgot :3
    I just noticed I said signature, I meant avatar. Now let's stare at it *stares, gets a seizure*
    I'm afraid if I stare at your signature for to long, I'm going to get a seizure.
    Oh hell, I dunno. If I have to die, then I have to die. Just make sure I don't feel anything and do whatever you want with me, but let me at least live my dreams first.
    You should try the Awesome Sauce, I believe that's still barely drinkable.
    The TEA is deadly, as well as the near-empty unlabelled one.
    Of course I have that! I have everything!...Well, most things. Here you are sir.

    As for the tune, it's my own little rendition of He's a Pirate. What can you play?
    I just like to leave a comment because your handle is The_Mask, my handle USED to be The MASK on an old forum I used to go to and seeing your name reminded me of all the happy lulz I had.
    Yeah, that's perfectly fine. I just want to finally get a ref! ~

    If you decide for it, I'll link my written ref to you :3

    Thanks, Mask! c:
    Hey,breh. If i got the written description up and the colored photo i recently had for my avvy, could you make me a ref? :3 if not, thats cool as well.
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