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    (Commission) Selling: Icon/Bust/Waist-Up/Fullbody Comms☆彡($15-$60)

    ☆=ToS can be found on my website here =☆ You can DM me here or contact me in the places mentioned on the sheet~ Have a nice day! (^∀^●)ノシ
  2. theAin

    Post an Inside Joke/Reference With No Context!

    "Press D to pay respects." "Oh, is this for Lenny's strip club?" "I'm here to make an ANNOUNCEMENT." (Hard to explain this one, you have to say it in a specific tone of voice. Works best if a character appears on an electronic screen.)
  3. theAin

    Fursonas and the Enneagram

    either 4w5, or 5w4... My two fursonas are a tiger and a ringtail possum. :>
  4. theAin

    How did you come up with your fursona?

    I got two of them, and there are different reasons for both! Basically, I just chose colours I liked for my tiger one. Added wings because I've always added wings to big cat characters, haha. My second one is a ringtail possum, and that's because of where I live in Australia they're everywhere...
  5. theAin

    First Introduction

    Hi there! I've been on this website for a while but I've always been a bit too shy to reach out, haha. I didn't actually even know that FA had a forum feature until I heard one of my friends talk about the warm welcome they received here. I've actually always loved furries and the furry style...