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    English Major Trying to Return to University

    Hello all. The Creator here. I'm trying to get back into college and need a little extra money now that it's become WAAAY more tight than i would like it to. So i decided that I'd take up writing commissions for those of you with characters or ideas you'd like to see on paper. If you'd like to...
  2. TheCreator2017

    Author looking for character art

    Not yet. It all depends on your art quality and writing. Like i told the above party, all i need is an email from you and i can send you a character reference. Then i just need a sketch to see how the character comes out. I'm gonna keep trying to see if i can upload this damn photo somewhere on...
  3. TheCreator2017

    I'm so close!

    I'm so close!
  4. TheCreator2017

    Author looking for character art

    Okay so for some reason, i can't send the picture. If you leave your email, i may be able to send it like that
  5. TheCreator2017

    Author looking for character art

    Your art is really nice. My funds are tight at the moment, but it would be nice to see how it would come out. Do you mind doing a bit of a rough sketch for me - since can't use a sketch on a book cover, it would be a good way for me to see what your art of my character would look like. If i like...
  6. TheCreator2017

    Author looking for character art

    Hello all - the Creator here. I'm just about finished with my novel "Oasis: South" - which features anthropomorphic characters - but I feel it will do it's best if i get a fresh cover placed onto it. I'm planning on having someone on Twitter work on backgrounds, but I'd really like a nice...
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    Trade Writing for Art: Looking for a Writer

    I don't know if you're still looking, but I'd love to write for you :)
  8. TheCreator2017

    New Guy Here

    I'm new on Furry Affinity and came here hoping i could find some collaborators. I'm working on a few works already - the furry related one is "The Modian Association" which I've almost finished the first season for. Are there any artists out there who want to collaborate? Or perhaps someone who...
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