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  • Cheeeap. It's comfort inn, so I dunno if you classify it as a motel or hotel. It's actually a really good room!
    Yeah, kinda xDThey did sell special edition JD in their store though c:
    Well they do organise a lot of tours around the distillery. I have nonidea why they placed a distillery in a dry county xD
    Why thanks c:I just went to the Jack Daniels distillery for a tour. It was pretty cool.
    Hah. *cuddles back*.

    So after being on the forums for a coupla' days, what are your first impressions?
    I can't really answer that, maybe because, just 'furries', or the fact that FaF is generally less accepting than other furry communities, but I really don't know :p
    Haha, don't be afraid to!
    I seriously fucking hate hardcore trollers. ;-;.
    It can be discouraging, but if the troll is really stupid, or really insulting, other members of the forum will step in and help the OP, and if it gets REALLY out of hand, the mods will step in.

    And yeah, I'm naturally kinda aggressive and I don't really back down from a challenge, making me bad with trolls too :p
    Yes, overexcessive trolling really pisses me off, especially if they're on threads I create, celebrating something. Pfft.
    Heh, no probs. Always happy to help a fledgling newbie to survive in the harsh world of FaF.
    Hah, I wouldn't mind at all. There are much more annoying people here on FaF >.>
    Naw, I don't mind at all. If you have any questions about me/the forum and it's occupants, don't hesitate! c:
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