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    Looking to get my first ref sheet done, a Tiger

    I have more than just a little bit of experience in bringing characters to life from just text and I can work with your budget! Much of my work can be found HERE. My plan is three major drawings: Front, Back and Bust; Then, the accessories on the side. The front and back will be full body...
  2. TheKyleIsHere

    Anthro x Human commissions (SFW)

    I am fully capable of completing this for you! I could do couples sketches in THIS STYLE at $15 each ($10 sketch with a $5 charge for the extra character) that would allow me to provide up to three sketches without background under your budget (I'd be happy to make the sketches a bit cleaner...
  3. TheKyleIsHere

    Taking Commissions! $35+

    I am now offering sketches like this at $10 each, $5 for each additional character, little to no background, no color. You can find more work on my Portfolio Blog, and more pricing on my Commissions Guide.
  4. TheKyleIsHere

    Painting Critique

    One of the things most obvious to me is that you render everything EXACTLY the same all the way around each of the images, and in the first one, this is especially a problem for the fact that you seem to have used a soft brush. I know that there are a lot of artists a lot of artists who use...
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    New (old but revised) sketch Style for Commissions, Need Critique.

    In an effort to make my sketch commissions more time and cost effective (for both myself and clients) I've decided to revive one of my old but effective sketch styles. The chacter is a gemsona belonging to my friend, Rappy. I'm looking for your thoughts on effectiveness of the style on the...
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    Taking Commissions! $35+

    Bumping with some stuff from this past week.
  7. TheKyleIsHere

    Feral dragon Ref sheet $100-200

    I'm sorry we couldn't work together
  8. TheKyleIsHere

    Looking for WWII Style Commission

    I would do this for $90 in this style. This would include only include the plane and the character on a plain background, if however you'd like a more detailed setting, I offer a rate of $15 per hour, where you would have more leeway by way of edits and details. The finished product would end up...
  9. TheKyleIsHere

    Looking for My First Sheet

    For $90, I can do the front and back in this style, in color, with the remaining drawings being black and white drawings like these. I will include a pile of color swatches and the character name will be hand lettered. The background will be a warm neutral unless otherwise specified. More of my...
  10. TheKyleIsHere

    Comissioning reference sheet

    I can do this for $100 even, with coloring style resembling these works. I am capable of working by description alone, and I will provide updates along the way to make sure your vision is being followed well. Background color will be a warm neutral if left to me, but you are welcome to decide on...
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    Feral dragon Ref sheet $100-200

    I would do this for $165 Styles would be like this for the full-body, show-piece. Then three other spot illustrations in this style, including a bust for facial details and some action poses. All of this would be in color, and the background color is up to you, or if left to me will be a warm...
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    Taking Commissions! $35+

    Taking Commissions! $10+ I am a versatile illustrator with a body of quality work. I have a small number of set styles of illustration, but I am more than willing to work with you on specific needs. My prices are based on the time and quality of work involved, turn-around time is generally two...
  13. TheKyleIsHere

    looking to get a couples badge

    Likewise, I can take this as long as you're up for doing the printing/laminating yourself. I'd happily do these for $30 each, and in a style that suits badges. My contact info, examples and general prices can be found here. My tumblr contains more examples of my work.
  14. TheKyleIsHere

    Seeking an Artist for Clean art of my character

    My most affordable is $35. My contact info, prices and examples can be found here.
  15. TheKyleIsHere

    Looking for artist to draw my character

    I'm up for it! My $35 sketches come with close to full color and you can find examples here.