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    What Do You Hate About the Body

    I hate don't like my trigger finger or flabs.
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    How did you get into the furry fandom, and what attracts you to it?

    Now that a big story to talk about! It starts with me back in 2010. I had gotten some horrible flu and was bed ridden for 3 weeks around Christmas time. I remember i was browsing the web and i went to YouTube and saw a video that was called a speed paint. It wasn't furry but i thought it was...
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    Who was your first furry character crush?

    My first crush was a char that i never found its name it was a blue anthro wolf.
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    Salutations! From Fawkesgirl

    Welcome to the fandom. Nice to have you here.
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    What are your steam usernames?

    the whole name is =HwK= thenerdymathpimp
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    What are your steam usernames?

    Hit me up at any time. I'am =HwK= thenerdymathpimp
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    washington state

    I've heard of it but I am over in Bellevue and the closest i have been to there is Seatle.
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    How can you tell if someone else is a furry?

    Now i found that the easiest way to spot a furry is if they draw allot. Look for furry drawings sticking out of binders and such. I've met some furries by seeing them drawing in a public place a furry and i asked whats that? and they responded nothing so i then asked do you know what FA is? That...
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    Hi I'm new here!

    Hello there. Nice to see a new face around here. Enjoy the forum. Draw tons of great art.
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    New to this Life

    Dont mention CSI for the love of god! And dont talk about mlp or the forum will light up like a flamethrower with mlp stuff.
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    Oh hey! o3o

    Welcome to FAF. I am the village idiot here and the grammar natzi fly zapper.
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    Wondering about how to get your art noticed on the site & advice?

    I found out that when you have colored art over sketches the colored art is usually very popular.
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    How to make art

    its hard to take criticism. I have problems with it but i try my best to listen and very rarely do i get angry. It can be annoying though but i deal with it.
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    I hold no enemies but only friends no one can truly hate one another. Only the unloved and the...

    I hold no enemies but only friends no one can truly hate one another. Only the unloved and the unatural truly hate. There is a friendship and bond that ties every man women and child together in this world. That my friend is kindness. We all have it in our heart and by simply communicating with...
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    Treacle - The fursona

    Good job im the medeocer writer. You did great in my words.