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  • Yo, Pumu, can I join your UFDG? I have mad drone skills and 1337 tech skills, and I can be your tech specialist.
    There's really nothing to ''make up". You just need to be honest from here on out. I know you're aorry and I accept your apology but I'm still very miffed about it all.

    What gets me is that after Fen sent you that first comment I'd made, you'd insisted that you had nothing else to lie about. That you were being honest about who you were. If there was any time to come clean and minimizr damage, that would have been it. Only after did I actually speak to said artist did you feel need to finally admit it.

    I'm not a hateful person and it's not like I'm going to spit on you. You're just someone on the Internet, and you only owe it to yourself to be honest. Just go on, be a better person, and don't make shit up to feel like you need to be accepted.

    I'll see you around the forums.
    Oh there's not, but he'll likely know within the next week or so.

    Also, to be honest, I am a tad on the shy / introverted side.
    I don't do Skype primarily because I still live with my brother, and he doesn't yet know that I'm a furry. When he figures it out (shouldn't be too long), I'll be glad to chat. :)

    PS: Un pequino.
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