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    Who wants a suit for an extremely cheap price and amazing quality!

    You should probably put something on the website about that.
  2. ThisisGabe

    Any one got any cool species ideas/fur suits for a new furry?

    You want to be a cat. Cats are the only cool things to be.
  3. ThisisGabe

    What Are You Listening To?

    Often silence. But at night, I always listen to "This American Life" National Public Radio podcasts.
  4. ThisisGabe

    Animitronic suit

    I'd contact Crazy Mountain Fox Joe. He's already made several animatronic fursuits.
  5. ThisisGabe

    How to generate customers?

    Make a prices sheet, show it off on as many on this list as you possibly can: Category:Website stubs - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia Make sure you're easy to contact. Make a google form to help streamline the process so that people can easily tell you exactly what they want. Also, browse the...
  6. ThisisGabe

    Hiya! ^ - ^

    I voted no, because they were the least funny part about Zootopia. Their involvement in their trailer caused me to assume Zootopia might not be very funny.
  7. ThisisGabe

    2D Animations on YouTube

    Some might think this is lame. But I made it for someones birthday:
  8. ThisisGabe

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    I was inspired by a flash animation I saw! It stayed in my head and I subconsciously tapped into it when I was thinking up my fursona. Also I like pianos, so I made my back like a piano key. Cats have always been my favorite animal.
  9. ThisisGabe

    Requests/trades open!

    A couples picture request with my GF and I would be amazing! Dropbox - u0-cus-d2-b046d8a9d24e1448dbb22a7fa5e5bea5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg is her male fursona, my female fursona is in my signature.
  10. ThisisGabe

    Deleted Profile

    My idea: check through your history and then copy and paste the profile name into the way-back machine or google it and check the cached version of the webpage.
  11. ThisisGabe

    People petting you

    Totally not normal. But if they know you're a furry then they're probably trying to play on that. I've never had a friend pet me. Though, in fursuit it's totally chillaxed. If I had a non-fur friend try to pet me, I'd probably ask why before I reacted.
  12. ThisisGabe

    How do you think humanity will cease to exist?

    We will pollute ourselves to death and eventually become like Venus.
  13. ThisisGabe

    Attempting to draw anthro for the first time

    My opinion is those are some SEXY circles.
  14. ThisisGabe

    Fandom Cringe words

    Crinklewag BroHoof (furries use it.. MANY do)
  15. ThisisGabe


    I took my camera out, recorded everything and that became my life. Here are a few years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX2_YjIUMhU