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    Why did you choose your fursona?

    He was a dnd character I had a lot of fun playing.
  2. Thrar'Ixauth

    Fun Facts About Your Species

    Mine is based off the DnD Half-Black/Half Sun-Elf Dragon who is a Paladin of Hanalli 1) Black dragons are the vilest of the chromatic dragons (the evil group of dragons) 2) They enjoy suffering and ruination 3) They live in swampy/wetland areas 4) They Breathe out acid 5) They can breathe...
  3. Thrar'Ixauth

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Never did say they should be ignored, just wouldn't reply to them is all (If they're that spiteful, I'm pretty sure no words or reasoning will get to them.) More I wish schools teach people not to post information like address/real names on their account. If people are spiteful enough there is...
  4. Thrar'Ixauth

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Those people are not the vast majority though, they're a very minor group. I would say the vast majority are trolls are looking for lawls because as I've seen people are easily baited and feed them.
  5. Thrar'Ixauth

    Anyone's sona got superpowers?

    He's just a Paladin, All he does is give out paddalins.
  6. Thrar'Ixauth

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Furry hate is just a troll trying to bait you. They're there to get their shits and giggles, if you don't feed the troll they go away.
  7. Thrar'Ixauth

    What type of energy does your fursona give out?

    He's a paladin, so Divine warmth.
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    First Character, Curious to what you guys think

    Hah I noticed that in this picture, this one was supposed to be a tad more cute. He's a tad more of a sinister looking in the other pictures.
  9. Thrar'Ixauth

    First Character, Curious to what you guys think

    Thanks for the comments, Glad to know everyone likes the big half black dragon paladin!
  10. Thrar'Ixauth

    First Character, Curious to what you guys think

    I have had my first character art made based off a DnD character who was a typical 8'6" half elf half dragon paladin. Part of the design of being half elf I wanted his horns to be longer and more elegant than the typical black dragons. He is based off DnD's Black Dragons...
  11. Thrar'Ixauth

    Half-human half-something

    Well humanoid with Half elf/Half Black Dragon.
  12. Thrar'Ixauth

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Just your standard dnd based half black dragon.
  13. Thrar'Ixauth

    Describe your fursona thread

    Just an absolutely normal elf paladin worshiping the goddess of love and beauty. With no other bloodline who stands 8'6" with black dragon scales, and horns and okay you caught me maybe 50% of his blood line is black dragon.
  14. Thrar'Ixauth

    Random facts about your fursona(s)

    Is just a very tall 8'6 elf CLEARLY with no other bloodline.