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    Free Art: Taking Requests For Commission Examples [OPEN]

    Feel free to give this water/ice-mage fey-kobold a shot with either a lineless or pixel image! you can have them floating while coursing water into their hand from somewhere below them (could be from a waterskin if you can see their waist in the picture, or off-screen) with a calm, collected...
  2. Thundrakion

    Free Art: look at this garb

    Here's a fellow you can give a shot!
  3. Thundrakion

    Free Art: Free Art Requests! (currently closed :) )

    If you still feel up to it, you could draw this fellow! They are an experimental free-willed android that usually assists in a research space station (that is also shoved in an organic body to showcase for funding), so you can decide whether they look more rubbery or not if you'd like.
  4. Thundrakion

    Free Art: Taking drawing requests[Closed]

    Once again, thank you!
  5. Thundrakion

    Free Art: Taking drawing requests[Closed]

    Thank you, thank you so much! It looks great!
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    Free Art: [CLOSED]

  7. Thundrakion

    Free Art: revamping my commission sheet {closed}

    Feel free to do any of the characters I have here, and thanks for the opportunity! thundrakion on Toyhouse
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    Free Art: Nsfw practice

    Feel free to give my buddy here a shot! www.furaffinity.net: Maheriel the Kiruta by thundrakion I don't really have any preference, so feel free to mess around!
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    Free Art: Taking drawing requests[Closed]

    Here's a boyo you could give a shot. you can draw them like Raiden from Metal gear if you want, since they are an android with replaceable parts (I don't have any drawing of them without fauxhide pannels)
  10. Thundrakion

    Free Art: [CLOSED]

    Sorry... Edited it in.
  11. Thundrakion

    Free Art: [orcaowl's requests] [CLOSED]

    I'll leave my android-vali here for if you want to give them a go sometime! Rai Taiko on Toyhouse
  12. Thundrakion

    Free Art: [CLOSED]

    Thanks for the chance, and feel free to give my avali here a shot! Rai Taiko on Toyhouse
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    Let me draw thicc cuties

    I'm still new using the forum myself, so IDK if it notifies you of message edits...
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    Free Art: I want to draw some PG violence! (DONE!) :D

    Here you go, and thanks for the chance! I'm not good at drawing it, but he has a split-blade greatsword with a gem embedded in the lightning-dragon-themed wing-shaped guard. As for a fighting style, he uses a reckless agility-based fighting style where he fires off electric impulses to send...
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    Let me draw thicc cuties

    I have a few OCs you can have a shot at, but I'll drop this gal down for now. If you want to look through my other characters though: thundrakion on Toyhouse