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    KH 358/2 days?

    The hardcore fans ruined it for me...
  2. Tiamat X

    best 8-bit music?

    Crystalis's overworld theme was pretty sweet.
  3. Tiamat X

    An *adult* request

    Anything in particular that you wouldn't want happening? Cause I kind of have an idea but it maybe a tad on the fetish-y side.
  4. Tiamat X

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    Holy crap, same thing that I do! Which of the top 5 do you work for? I work with AT&T customers through an outsourced company. Totally can't tell customers that I'm Canadian since you know...AT&T is an American company and somehow customers don't believe your telling the truth if your...
  5. Tiamat X

    What's your Zodiac?

    Well if you're interested I found some sites that can help ya find out. =3 Adding them to my first post for easy finding.
  6. Tiamat X

    What's your Zodiac?

    Not sure if this topic has been done before, more then likely it has, regardless I felt like asking. For me I'm a Taurus with Virgo rising. My Chinese sign is the Wood Ox born in the hour of the Sheep/Goat. God I'm such an Astrology nerd... To find your Rising sign click here and go to the...
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    Recovering Your Account

    God I feel dumb... >.<
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    Collars, everyone's opinions!

    Man I just picked it up yesterday and it's awesome! Not very far in it yet, just taking my time trying to find everything and solve the puzzles without the assistance of Gamefaqs. Sorry about the going off topic, I'll reiterate that I luffs me some collars! Being restrained is sweet and during...
  9. Tiamat X

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    The only titles I can think of at the moment are "D2" and "Shadow of the Beast". Reasons D2 didn't do well in my opinion are, 1) it was a Dreamcast only title and 2) it seriously tried to be too many things all in one. I mean it was an Adventure game with RPG elements, battles were done via a...
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    Collars, everyone's opinions!

    Collars and cuffs are pretty slick in my books. I myself got a collar quite awhile ago, just a simple semi-cheap dog collar with a lock attached too where the tags would go. I haven't really worn it in public, but I may try too during one of my brave streaks. I see them as both a fashion...
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    Wow, this reminded me about my own quirks and how they developed. It didn't have to do with vore, but when I was young I always became 100% more interested when the heroes or characters were caught and or tied up by the villains. On the vore subject I'm not sure where my standings are on it...
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    I enjoy my visits to 4chan. Never really go to /b/ though...had way too many "whaaaat" faces when I went there. Maybe if I'm feeling mentally masochistic.
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    Accepting requests *Closed for now*

    I'll have too put these on complete hold.... Read the journal entry for more info. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/317734/
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    Taking Black and White Requests.

    If you're still accepting requests maybe you could do my character? It has two forms so pick whichever one your interested in more if you choose to accept. =3 For what would be happening...god I'm never good at this, but if you want to mess around with poses and such be my guest. =D All the...
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    Accepting requests *Closed for now*

    No prob, glad ya like it. Sorry that it took so long though. ^.^;