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  • Yeah! He's a great poet. Even if his stuff can be seriously twisted, his way of writing is quite interesting to read.
    And I mean, crows and ravens are just really interesting on their own as well. They're so intelligent!
    Never seen that movie, but Raven from Teen Titans is the best! xD I'm also into Edgar Allen Poe and Tim Burton crap and I mean...what kind of person is a fan of those things without also liking crows and ravens?
    Oh, with that, I just really love crows and ravens! I had been researching pet crows and ravens, and I hope to get one someday, so I added it to the picture. xD I've never owned a bird before, though, so I think I'll start with a smaller more conventional breed before I seriously consider a pet crow or raven. o-o'
    YEP That's exactly what happened! Honestly my 'sona is just a normal goat who happens to have a space-inspired design, but I refer to her as a Space Goat anyway because that just gives an amusing mental image. xD
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