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Tiger In A Tie
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  • bb <3 ;u;

    I just made a thread in offtopic. :c I had to kill a mouse that my cat brought in, for it was suffering. :C

    BUT I'M GOOD How art thou ;u;

    And dear god I was so drunk yesterday. Dear god. I'm so sorry ;n; that was embarassing lmao

    Anyway hon, I'm going to Wolverhampton today to see family, so I'm likely going to be gone for a lot of the day, and I'll be back lateish. I'll see you tonight or tommorow. C: AND I SWEAR I WON'T TOUCH A DROP
    *pokes you gently with a stick shaped stick* Just making sure you're alive.
    No problem, hon. I just happened to notice it in the birthday thingy on the forums. ^^ Hope you have a nice b-day. I spent my 20th in Marine boot camp. :(
    I feel like handing out royal titles.

    Here, go be Dutchess of Ohio for a few days.
    You know, I don't even know what rabies do.

    *quick Google search*

    Oh god that's awful!

    *stops giving you rabies*
    But the rabies were lonely and needed a friend! You don't want them to be lonely do you?
    Yay :>

    Well it wasn't rough like bad things happened. It's like... stress, yanno? Been a bit under pressure and rather irritable with my work. BUT I FEEL GOOD NOW. All home, settled in, stuff an' stuff. c: I'm just gonna bum around a bit at home for a while and I'll see you soon :>
    I JUST GOT HOME. Been a rough day, but I'm at least half-finished with my work for this term. :>

    And awww, early project. :c But hey, at least it's out of the way! I look forward to seeing you on later. <3
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