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Tiger Socks

I am fairly new to the furry community and I'm looking to make some friends!
I sometimes post art, it's usually traditional... I still gotta install my art tablet but I am horrible with technology :confused:
Besides all that I am very open minded, I don't think anything could really faze me anymore lol.
I roleplay, doodle, play video games. My favorite is
Animal crossing and pokemon! grew up with both so they hold special places in my heart :oops:
I love making friends and I talking to people however I'm shy...
It's very conflicting considering I love meeting new people but I don't know how to speak to them.
I watch some furry youtubers as well some known as
Majira Strawberry, ino89777, AlbinoTopaz and Blu
I think that is all fur now... oh! if you want to add me on skype feel free to ask me and I'll give it to you !
Feb 1, 1998 (Age: 24)
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