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    Hiring: (Nsfw,fetish) post modernist transformation story $50-150

    I think I might have noted you earlier, but I am interested.
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    (Commission) Selling: Fiction Writer (SFW and NSFW $5-$200)

    I like to keep myself open to writing commissions whenever I can, so if you’re interested in some stories, give me a note and we can work on something. Choosing Tik Tik I have been writing stories for patreon for awhile now, as well as plenty of commissions. Most of them are of the NSFW...
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    Any advice for someone new at writing commissions?

    @Connor J. Coyote as a writer myself, I'd like to know where to find more commissioners
  4. TikTikKobold

    Anyone writing sci-fi (or fantasy) with fluffy female protagonist(s)?

    well, I mean, I'm not writing a "fluffy" character, but The Adventure of Tik Tik is a fantasy about a cute kobold
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    Where can i get vore writers?

    I mean, I've done them before, but it depends on the kind.
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    Kobold Species list?

    Hey there, there's been an explosion of kobold popularity over the past year or so, so I was wondering if we could have "kobold" added to the species list. It would be so nice to be able to have that option instad of having to tick "reptilian (other) every time.
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    1$ 1000-2000 letter stories!

    what can I say, but that my last commission thread was taken down for that reason?
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    1$ 1000-2000 letter stories!

    Your last one got deleted because they don't want you posting commissions on this board. It's the general art commission board you should be posting writing commissions. I personally feel it would be nice if there was a seperate part so we aren't drowned out by the sea of illustrators, but...
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    Advertising problem?

    You've gotten farther than I have, certainly. No one has responded to any of my emails at all.
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    Getting One's Writing "Out There" on the Net Amidst a Sea of Illustrators

    I wish FA had an automatic upload feature. I'd upload my stories as 1000-ish word chunks on a daily basis instead of my longer giant chapters/novellas at the beginning of the month.
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    Hey there. Who here has advertised via furaffinity recently? How long did it take for you to get a response? Were you satisfied with the influx of people who visited your page? I'm thinking about getting advertisement for my page, but it's been a few weeks with no response via email. I was...
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    Getting One's Writing "Out There" on the Net Amidst a Sea of Illustrators

    Hey there. I write a rather niche topic. That is to say, I am a writer of erotic fiction, mostly centered around a small pink kobold girl learning about magic, love, and sex. I love writing my stories, but I can't help but feel that the genre in which I write is much more suited to something...
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    Adventures of Tik Tik

    Hello, everyone. I've been on here for about a year, but I don't think I've ever had a thread about my erotic series The Adventures of Tik Tik. It's about a kobold who discovers a book on magic and sexuality, and she goes off into the world to discover more of both. You can find it over on my...
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    What Should a Short Story Writer Offer on Patreon?

    Hello, everyone. I've been writing short stories/chapters for about a year now, and I've gotten a small following of fans and commissioners. I figure I want to expand my writing by offering up a means to pay for my work through Patreon. While I'm writing up a pitch for it, I am wondering what...
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    The World Building Trap

    I find it easier to write to come up with a character and a story I want to tell, and then build the story around that. I tried building a world and then putting a story in it and I just fell into the trap myself.