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    [Public Service Announcement] Nasty Skype virus going around.

    If only everyone thought of it like that. Yet, this guy downloaded it.
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    [Public Service Announcement] Nasty Skype virus going around.

    There is a nasty virus going around on skype and I thought I should spread the word. This ain't copypasta, like most hacker warnings, and Ikarhan had gotten contacted by an infected computer. Fortunately the skype status had said "WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T OPEN THAT" so he never accepted the file...
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Did pornographic or furry art hurt your reputation among outsiders?

    He meant Paypal as a company, not one's account. You mistook the context of what he was saying. And personally, I don't think the insult was necessary.
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    Members by Species

    Username: Timburwolfe Species: Dire Wolf Catagory: Canid
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    Paws or hands?

    I'm gonna say hands. I'll have a Guinness on tap, please.
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    NSFW XoPachi NSFW

    I suspected that was Krystal, which the closer look confirmed
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    The Debate Thread

    You are off-topic, BRN, and I have stated that this thread will not debate its own existence. And I am arguing that your efforts to debate this thread's existence invites spam, which may be the point. That's called derailing, and if you are continuing the argument simply to draw a response from...
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    The Debate Thread

    Shit, I see what you are getting at. I will revise it: If someone commits murder, don't they deserve to die? ​Better? BRN if you were infracted it means you broke a rule, and that I was justified in reporting it. And anyone would probably find it distasteful if they created something only...
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    The Debate Thread

    Then what would you suggest as a topic? Wait, I think I might have one: What do you think a prison sentence for cold-blooded murder should be? (This is not a death penalty debate, because murder itself isnt usually a capitol crime.)
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    The Debate Thread

    I'm going to try to keep this thread up and running. Maybe if I'm persistent, I will succeed. It's worse to stop halfway than to never have tried at all.
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    The Debate Thread

    Reported for off-topic spam/derailing attempt. This thread was not created to have it's existence debated. Also, such remarks would easily derail this thread again. Counter-arguments: *While debate over discussion is encouraged, earlier posts on this thread make it clear that it is rarely...
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    The Debate Thread

    That would be an interesting subject, actually. Seconded. 1 vote for 'How do you view Satanism? What do you know about it generally? Do you agree with any of it?' 4 votes needed for subject change.
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    The Debate Thread

    That's rather ambiguous. Can you elaborate?