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    Favorite combat music?

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    Underrated Pokemon

    driflooooon is adorable
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    Looking for Ideas (pokemon)

    Frat hazing gone wrong! Psssssssssssssss
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    any hooved furs in this forum?

    maybe im a sheep
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    Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

    I saw a bunch of messed up stuff but the main ones are the baby delivery scene and the deer scene from Freddy Got Fingered. Mr Garrisons sex-change episode was also really bad they spliced in real operation footage lol. This scene from The Toxic Avenger stuck with me too it's so mean.
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    Post your favorite Pokémon!

    Love these things. Nice picks! Here are my goats (+Galar Zigzagoon Lol)
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    What exactly is this "adopt" thing?

    I think it's just for fun lol.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    I frequently watch gore online
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    Vent Thread

    Youtube terminated my channel for no reason this morning and I lost all my liked vids subscriptions lists... Just so annoying to put up with their BS on what should be straightforward cut and clean. Still waiting for appeal... which will most likely be denied because they have striked me before...
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    Shower thoughts

    How do people even enjoy shower sex