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    Free Art: I'll turn your OC Into a demon/monster.

    What about this gal of mine? Hardy and independant. 42, light pale blue and Honey. Because why not.
  2. Tlacamela

    Looking for Sonas to Sketch!

    Totally digging the sketch. :D
  3. Tlacamela

    Looking for Sonas to Sketch!

    What about this gal? Eye dragoness
  4. Tlacamela

    Doodling Raptor Sonas

    Would my raptoress fancy you? www.furaffinity.net: Raptoress mercenary by Tlacamela
  5. Tlacamela

    Flower Freebies [Closed]

    Surely a fine flower to offer, if i could get my hands on one. (Or a batch of'em. :v) I really like the flower. Thanks. :D
  6. Tlacamela

    Flower Freebies [Closed]

    What about white, green and teal?
  7. Tlacamela

    Taking requests to improve my art.

    What 'bout my eye dragoness ? Here.
  8. Tlacamela

    willing to draw (an) interesting character(s)

    What 'bout my eye dragoness ? Here.
  9. Tlacamela

    I want new characters for my 3D sculpts

    What 'bout my eye dragoness ? Here.
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    Squid Girls Free Art Thread

    Character: Here. Personality : Easy-going, naive, impish Accessories: Your call.
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    Free Art Requests

    Reference: Here. Male, Female or other: Female FA Name: Tlacamela Pose Desired/Request Details: Victory pose? SFW or NSFW: SFW Other Details: / This works?
  12. Tlacamela

    Looking for interesting requests! (CLOSED)

    What about my naga girls? Here.
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  14. Tlacamela

    LF certain types of characters - Semi-real (closed)

    A dragon/snake hybrid would work? Here. Here. Pose: Standind, showing her side, looking at the viewer, showing her side, while she holds her tail. Outfit: A sports bra and either a loincloth or a short gown. Mood: Playful. Does it work ?
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    (0/3) Colored Sketches

    Maybe you'd be tempted into giving my eye dragoness a whirl? Here.