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    The By You/For You Policy

    I'm just going to be blunt... I think the For You part is a great thing. I'm proud when someone I draw for likes my work enough to post it in their own gallery. The more people see my art and know my name, the better. I post the occasional request, but only with the artist's permission...
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    Hello to you all. :)

    *shakes* ^^ I also just joined yesterday, so a warm welcome to you too.
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    This is a longun'

    Oo;;; Some things do not help when you have 11 forms that are often seen... But with a choice between my three-page journal bio (first journal if you want to read it) I thiiiink I'll just modify the just for kicks bio. --- Name: Tluthal Phaedra Eilsrahel Age: 16 Species: Shapeshifter...
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    So do I, it makes things so much easier.
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    Hi yourself =3
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    *glomps* I'm always open for a hug, and it's just polite to say thanks ^^
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    I am so thank you doubly =3
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    *glomps and purrs*

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    Thanks muchly =3
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    Thanks ^^
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    Thank you both ^^
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    Halloween Costume Contest

    If I can just get to a scanner I have a picture I want to get in this.
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    Thanks *munches leftover pizza but stashes the muffin*
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    *peeks in* Ah, I joined FA roughly... two months now? But I've been a furry for several years now. I just waited until (a) I turned 18 and (b) FA got back online. Urm... I'm very prolific, unless I'm completely and utterly out of it I usually have some new drawing or story by the end of each...