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    The wealth building thread

    Ignoring the rest of the discussion: Evading Lottery curse (~"staying rich") =/= Getting money (~"getting rich")
  2. Toboe Moonclaw

    The wealth building thread

    Way to point out the logical holes in Rassahs Ideology in a calm and objective manner, Gryphoneer :V
  3. Toboe Moonclaw

    Drone Love/Hate 101

    Care to elaborate?
  4. Toboe Moonclaw

    FREE Windows 10!

    "Corporate Affairs' Office of Legal Compliance" making them not comply?
  5. Toboe Moonclaw

    I look at adverts for a REASON

    You count binary with your fingers?
  6. Toboe Moonclaw

    FREE Windows 10!

    Free Linux! NSA_Key (yes, it is entirely possible, that it is not a backdoor, but that name is still great)
  7. Toboe Moonclaw

    Theological Mature Discussion anyone?

    Nah, waking up before Odin in Valhalla should be fine. Waking up before Hel would suck (afterlife of shame,yay). Before a greek god, though... Rolling up a boulder a hill forever? Sitting in a puddle with a peach branch (with fruit) right above your head, both fruit and water moving just out of...
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    I am now getting customized ads. What gives?

    Very short summary wikipedia's site on G-Ads: Contextual ad -> Google does it's searchengine magic (crawling for keywords to be exact) and decides possible ads based on that. Site targeted ad -> Advertiser chooses sites to display his ads on. And the ones mentioned by Smelge: Search...
  9. Toboe Moonclaw

    Trying to find a furry comic

    I think I found it: Adam Wan: Lapping The CompetitionAlso sent a pm with a better site for searching (pm as I doubt that the rules would me posting nsfw stuff/sites)
  10. Toboe Moonclaw

    Going to a con as a minor?

    @Joshi EF itself is 18+,
  11. Toboe Moonclaw

    To old to join the Fandom?

    Well, then welcome in.
  12. Toboe Moonclaw

    FCC's Net Neutrality

    Can you tell me the upcoming lottery numbers too? In terms of power. NSA>>>FCC And on what net-neutrality is: (not what was passed, haven't gone through it and don't want to make false claims/unfounded statements) Netneutrality means that the ISP can't discriminate Data. Examples...
  13. Toboe Moonclaw

    I'm just now caught up with the whole Renard Queenston controversy

    http://youtu.be/me9ft6HeaMQ?t=50s (from 0:50s to 1:05)