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  • I need to do that with pixel work but I go blank, I might start doodling sketches and porting them over like I did for other peoples work, worked better then.
    And yeah I found a few nice chords that work well, the moment I record the moment you'll have it :)
    Your sketch work is pretty sick man, getting better somehow :)
    I've got a little acoustic riff I might send you soon, I'm gonna use it for uni but might send you a loop if you fancy a play with it?
    Reminds me of 00s RnB acoustic
    Hahahaha yes! Listen to pantyhouse pornshop and dico at the piano bar. They have me in stitches.
    Mate listen to gnar kill albums they're hilarious. Have you seen his prank when he throws his milkshake at the McDonald's lady? Always makes me laugh.
    I don't have webcam at the no just Skype on tablet, just easier to chat on Skype!
    I just realised I noobed up on the reply.. it's been sitting on MY wall -_- :

    I heard about that! A homeless guy also asked if I was going to a DnB festival in August haha. If I grew up in that area I'd love to think I would've surfed.. there's nothing in the midlands :sad: 35 a night id great for a hotel, I'll have to save more next time I have a holiday.
    Ah I see, we found a hostel for £17.50 a night so we ended up in Newquay :)
    That sounds amazing, I'd love to. I love walking through coves and beaches, best part of the beach.
    I got heat stroke I think when I lazed on the beach, got a bit of a fear now..
    Newquay was lovely but I felt out of place, it was school children and stag do's everywhere.
    Haha so like the lady in the petrol station as I drove through Bodmin!
    Not fair! Newquay was lovely and picturesque too last week. I am jealous of your home and job!
    Newquay did have a lot of french people there, I am not fully certain on the native accent there.
    I want cornish ice cream, I want to move down there soon!
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