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  • Give me a while. I have a really short attention span and it's going to take a bit to type up my response to that.

    I will deliver, though.
    I recognize your name, but I don't remember what you avatar was.

    As for me, you might have remembered me as Sollux. God, that was embarrassing.
    I thought I had already posted here, but apparently I miss-posted on my own page.
    To answer your question: I generally tend to keep my Skype for personal, IRL-friends only or for people I've known for a long time. Sorry! D:
    Eh, I've seen worse being suggested to me on deviantART. :'D
    Fun fact: the reason I tried reading Homestuck is because I saw so many amazing fan art-pieces for it. :'D
    I can not allow you to not know about Cthulhu >:[

    Did you ever pick up a book in your life ? Sheeeeeeeeesh :V
    D--> How could an e%ceptionally high b100ded individual like yourself be f001ed by such mad, f001ish words ? Everyone equal .. at e%actly the same rank ... the very thought makes me shudder ... so unnatural ... please e%cuse me while I go c001 myself and 100k after a new towel
    D--> I have failed to acquire the pie you a%ed me to 100cate. Are you .. displeased ?
    D--> Please e%ert your authority upon me and chastise me for my incompetence.
    D--> I do not feel an e%cessive urge to un100ad my psych001ogical burdens upon your e%tatic self. I will contain myself for the sake of p00liteness.
    D--> Your hilarious c100wn impersonation threatens to make me 100se my serious demeanour, causing me to make mistakes while e%pressing myself in character.
    PoNiEs BrO, tHeY aRe SoMe MiRaCuLoUs ShIt MoThErFuCkErS.

    HoNk :0)

    What does this mean?
    No i didn't download it yet :( i dont know what to make my chumhandle
    is there some sort of formula for it?
    I see what you did there. Made my present your avatar. I feel helpful now. :)
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