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  • Hey! I'm doing okay, sorry. I've been getting really busy. XD School and what not coming up on finals, but I'll be on and posting for us again soon!
    Hey hun! I'm fine, I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, I'm spending as much time as I can with my boyfriend before he goes off to Canada. He's leaving me for a semester, because he wanted to study abroad in another country before he gets his degree in computer sciences. But I go back home tomorrow, so I'll be able to post when I get back. He's actually playing a game on his computer right now, so I should be able to do it right now, if he gives me enough time. I never know when he's gonna stop playing. XD
    I've been great! And I'm out of school now so I have wayyy too much free time on my hands. XD Good to hear that things have been okay for you! ^^
    Omigosh! Well I'm just glad that you remembered me and came back! Its good to see you back on again! :3 I hope these past few months haven't been too hard on you~
    :D Yaaay!!! <3 I love Harvest Moon! And of course, I'm a gamer girl, so I have to be into something like Harvest Moon! I have the most recent Rune Factory, along with the first one. X3 Its so awesome~ Dual swords. o.o
    Omigosh me too!! I got Kirby: Return to Dreamland for Christmas, I've been playing it almost nonstop during my free time in between roleplaying, eating, sleeping, and work. Lol! I love Harvest Moon! I started liking Rune Factory alot too, cause it took a dungeon aspect into a Harvest Moon-ish game! And you can tame animals and ride them around town, its so cool, they have wolves that look like the legendary dogs from Pokemon! x3
    :D Sparkle Sparkle~ Everything looks round and pink to me. I think I spent too much time playing Kirby yesterday LOL
    *bursts out laughing* Oh you are just too cute! I'll throw shouts to you every now and again~ Just to make you happy. :3
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