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    I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear.
    Hey, make the best of it. The family days are nice memories for me.
    I hung around Pax South for mine, since they were sold out.

    Mediiiiceine parrrrk. It's nice there, safer than Lawton too which can be dangerous some places. Probably doubly so in uniform.
    Yeah, Lawton can be brutal at times.

    I wish you could see medicine park, but I understand they may not give you town pass like the AF.
    Where will your tech school be?
    I'd advise spending some time in Medicine Park, aswell as out of the refuge while you can.

    I hope you enjoy basic, and more than that the time in the wichitas.
    I'm tripping balls, saw someone who looked like you in OKC at the MEPS.
    Is your avatar the face of that boy who accidentally teen pregnacy Juno?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Now I must go wish 3 of my other friends happy birthday, as they all have the same birthday as you. Oh u June 23. :V
    Haha xD Enjoy it, I'm pretty jealous. My brother lives in London, but he's back home and I wouldn't be able to afford to get down there anyway <=[ Having no money really, really sucks. I don't know if there are gonna be any more large scale student protests - the government have already gone ahead and fucked us over and there's nothing we can really do about it anymore. But there's loads of individual ones happening at different Unis. We've got an occupation of one of our buildings going on and protests about the cuts we have to make.
    Finally, someone who appreciates Bjork.
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