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    Suggestions for Feraligatr Fursona

    I also like the default, it lets me take advantage of the sheer amount of merch out there and the fact it's a starter helps even more.
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    Inot's Digital Commissions (starting 35$)

    Hi, you seem to really know pokemon, I'd like to get a commission from you
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    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Let me draw for you! [15-100$]

    Def gonna grab something tomorrow when I'm paid
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    Free Art: FREE PORTRAIT RAFFLE - I will randomly draw a thread-participant and paint their OC

    Oh, I'd like to join! My fursona is a Feraligatr and I'd love something to use as a proper art piece. Here's mine https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43743662/ Ill post a link since I don't want a large image just clogging the feed on mobile.
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    Expensive grfx (screen) tablets vs. less expensive ones? Also, which brands offer 4k res?

    Get a XP-pen artist pro, you can get them for a fraction of the cintiq and it works just as well. Cintiq were made for people who are paying with grants and free money. XP-Pen is a japanese brand and has a lot of incentive to close the tech gap between Wacom and tablets that normal people can...
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    Critique: Not good with fighting scenes but I did my best

    Ebbing Tides Feel free to give suggestions about how to make it better in future installments.
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    Suggestions for Feraligatr Fursona

    I have a feraligatr fursona, but I'm starting to feel like keeping it default might be bad somehow. I liked keeping the default look because it lets me use the legion of merch and items as a part of my fursona. But I'm starting to consider customizing it a bit. I'm looking for some suggestions...
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    I regret selling my previous fursona [BOUGHT HIM BACK!]

    So a piece of your soul was worth 175$ how much is the entire thing? lol
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    Creating a female pokemon

    Maybe fire for hair instead of actual hair. I'm using the spikes on my feraligatr as their "hair"
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    Anyone want to share how they came up with their fursona?

    I'm on the rare list of INFPs that actively create a close knit social circle so I can BE extroverted.
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    Anyone else using a dino mask?

    I wanted a fursuit but I really didn't want to make another foam mess that takes weeks to clean up and clogs the vaccume so I got a dino mask as a base for my Feraligatr- It won't be game accurate but I don't mind for a beginner fursuit until I really get a better job that lets me afford a...
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    Suggest some unique animals to be my fursona?

    TONS! Lemur, Koalas, Pandas, Tanuki, Pokemon make great fursonas when you find one that really speaks to you. Chinchillas make a good suit.
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    Taking out a loan for a fursuit?

    Please really consider making your fursuit before taking out a loan on one. You can make your fursuit for the cost of materials and can do a pretty good job with all the tutorials and building videos out there. There are tons of resources for learning to make your own suit and you can make a...
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    Hello guys! I am opening commissions: headshot, bust, halfbody, fullbody, ref sheet, chibis, couples, any background, lineless, kemono, weapons, liter

    Hi. Can I have a Icon done? I have a simple Feraligatr fursona and I just want my own icon to use online.
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    Anyone want to share how they came up with their fursona?

    When I was a kid gold and silver were new and I became obsessed with Feraligatr. I constantly pretended to be one. I would play in the pool all day stalking pool toys and using a super soaker as a hydro pump. I decided more recently that I should pick a feraligatr as my fursona since I loved it...