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    Both on and off the internet, I have too many nicknames to count. 99% of them, people came up with all on there own. The most prominent would be Kat.
  2. Toxxy

    If you could be the opposite gender for one day...

    I'd be a male crossdresser.
  3. Toxxy

    Oh man, TV Funhouse

    FFFF- TV Funhouse! How I missed you.
  4. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

    Too much honky there.
  5. Toxxy

    Your most epic songs

    You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon AKA, The greatest song ever made by humans.
  6. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

  7. Toxxy

    Boring to have no irl furs friend :(

    Not in this back water town.
  8. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

    Torrent. /Shame *Holds the Avatard sceptre, made of Mouth Foam and win* Certainly.
  9. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

    DO IIIIIIIT *Teeeempt* I still haven't erased the original recording of the finale from my TV. Just in case. We might as proclaim ourselves kings of this thread. They're not coming out anytime soon. *Disapproving look at Avartard closet*
  10. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

    And if they don't admit it, then they're lying whores. *Re-watches the second season*
  11. Toxxy

    I'm sorry

    Fuuuuck, no fair.
  12. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

  13. Toxxy

    I'm sorry

    Maybe you can be both mod and lulzfag. An incarnation of the two, so to speak. Like Jesus.
  14. Toxxy

    I'm sorry

    "Someone whom I hold very close...."
  15. Toxxy

    What Pokemon are you?

    Eevee seems very popular.