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    Would anyone be interested in a LGBTQ+ furry discord?

    I'd have a look, if one was started.
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    Date Furries (18+)

    I'm not really looking for partners, but I'm willing to overshare. I live in this country: Australia My age is: 33 My gender is: Male physically, but only because I'm too much of a coward to come out as trans. My sexuality is: I would say asexual, but still have a sex drive, so who knows? It's...
  3. Traget

    furry games made with unity, game maker, nesmaker, and android game creator

    Though regarding the game I was involved with: It's NSFW and having just seen your profile says you're 17 I'm going to have to avoid talking about that with extreme panic.
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    furry games made with unity, game maker, nesmaker, and android game creator

    Ah, well there are recommendation posts already for other games, though itchio.io is probably a good place to start if you're looking for free examples. I myself am sort of playing with some ideas for games to make with some others, but real life keeps getting in the way of it progressing...
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    furry games made with unity, game maker, nesmaker, and android game creator

    But, hello! Welcome to the forums! This post is a bit confusing. Are you asking for recommendations, or looking to make your own game, or something else?
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    furry games made with unity, game maker, nesmaker, and android game creator

    Well, if no one else is going to say it, I suppose I must.
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    Oldest Computers You Own

    True, but I haven't found any DOS games I want to try. Not ones I think it could run, anyway. I might go and have a proper look now that the idea's been put out there.
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    Oldest Computers You Own

    Oldest one I have is a Toshiba laptop in storage, circa 1993. Has Win 95 on it and still runs just fine, but not a lot that it can be used for sadly.
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    Random Dragon Question

    Wings can look good spread out in an action pose, but I've always thought they don't really fit on an anthro form. Too bulky, too fragile and you'd need to redesign quite a few things to be comfortable. Could you imagine squeezing in to a car with wings?
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    Searching for casual rp in a premade setting. NSFW stuff

    Good [time of day], people! Short version: I'm a low energy person looking for someone willing to play multiple different characters in a setting to get some feedback on the fantasy world. Basically myself and a couple of others have made a world that is to be used in a game/story/comic and...
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    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    This just because it's one of the most recent episodes, but any by IamCrusty, really.
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    Looking for suggestions on world building

    Thank you for the suggestions! Yes, having solid rules was always something I wanted in place for magic. The magic comes from a form of life energy, and can be stored and used on anything living. Carrying a bag of walnuts around in your pocket can be used as a form of battery for example, as...
  13. Traget

    Looking for suggestions on world building

    Hello there! I hope this is the correct location to post this. A couple of people and I have been playing around with a fantasy furry-like world that doesn't currently have any humans in it. It's a bit convoluted in a way with magic and so forth, and I'm worried it might be confusing for a...
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    Curious Writer...

    I might suggest trying SoFurry as well, simply due to that site being a bit more targeted toward stories than FA. You might still struggle to get feedback, but it's another option.
  15. Traget

    Lore driven open species?

    Are there sims where you can actually RP there? Many times I've seen games billed as RP games, but everyone just runs around being themselves and I can never find places that actually encourages playing a character in-game.